Monday, June 11, 2007

Results from my showing at the East Brunswick arts festival:

Well, I must say that the art show at East Brunswick, NJ (talked about it here) where I got a chance to exhibit some of my works went off very well. I ended up getting a second prize in the judge’s selection at the end of the show and this particular painting (image below) was what garnered the second prize. The first prize went a fantastic piece of a wooden sculpture where the artist managed to show a contorted antelope twisting its way out of a gnarled tree trunk... It was visually stunning.

I exhibited here more with a reason to find out what people thought about my work and how people would react to the same when my art was exhibited in public and the answers that I encountered are worth mentioning. Here is a sampling of some of them:

Husband and wife walking around: “Wow! these works are so big - and a little creepy if you ask me”. Notices me overhearing and the wife quickly nudges husband, they both quietly walk on…

Art aficionado: “Can you tell me the significance of the Indian Lady and why you decided to paint her lips a dark vermillion?”
I go through an explanation and I notice a certain glaze settling over the person eyes… I need to do a better job at explanations… Guess I need to adhere to the ‘Keep it Simple, Stupid’ philosophy…

General well meaning couple: “Don’t you paint anything smaller? I wish you did. They are very beautiful and the colors are striking

Officious looking gay couple: “This will look good on a corporate lobby. I do not think this will look good in our living room.”

Businessman in a suit: “How much do these go for?” (It sounded as if he were referring to bargain vegetables at a supermarket) - I told him that this was not for sale - he snorted and left.

Husband and wife team (looking obviously well off), the husband more interested in buying and the wife more interesting in enjoying the artwork: Man asks: “Are these for sale?” I reply: No, I wanted to only exhibit them. Man : “What?! they are not for sale.” (Gives me a look of "How dare you - you little cheeky thing" and stomps off - leaving wife in a confused state of appreciating the artwork single or following her spouse - she finally decides that it is better to take the latter course).

Two art students from the University of Rutgers: "Hey, that portrait of the ‘Coolie’ looks like you." I did not know if I should be flattered or hurt.

Young shy Indian girl: "Could you please explain the technique used?" After I took some time and explained the technique, she said that she would try it and let me know how it turns out. I said I would be happy to help.

On the whole, I think it was a good exhibition, well received and I got a lot of useful feedback and comments. The main thing I took away was that people were responding to the artwork and I think that is a very important first test that I seem to be passing.


Hungry Hyaena said...

Happy to read that it was a fruitful outing, Sunil. Congratulations on the honors, too.

Tree said...

Congratulations, Sunil and I enjoyed reading about the people who crossed your path. An artist needs a thick skin sometimes!

Steve Durbin said...

Congratulations on your prize! I wonder what more you'd hear with a voice-actuated recorder if you weren't standing near. It's interesting to see how people react to art: not always in an artistic vein.

Sunil said...

Thanks for the wishes. It sure was a very fruitful endeavor as I got to hear a lot of feedback and could actually see how people reacted to the work.

Sunil said...

Yes, it was funny, serious and silly at times. I was a mixed bag of emotions at the end fo the show.
You are right about the thick skin - yes - very much so.

Sunil said...

Glad you came by here. Thanks for the wishes. The voice-actuated recorder might be a good idea...

wray said...

I think the movers and shakers did a good job! They found you and Radulescu! (etc!) I am etc. and last night I gave you a link to your blog, which I thought was great and your web pages which happen to fit in nicely with a project we began around May 12th.
We are getting ad support from Google ad grants and the hits we are getting will aid you too, with more coverage.

So you received an additional prize not discussed in a bored room! but still as a result of an excellent day and months of preparation. You are invited change Arts Face

Judy Wray, President Visual Arts League/ ARTYARD
1007 Old Bridge Tpk.
East Brunswick, NJ