Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Painting Post: "The inquiries never seem to subside"

Title: The inquiries never seem to subside

Medium: Oil on MDF

Size: 40" X 48"

PS: Rose Tisnado (57) is a transcriptionist, has cancer of the bile ducts (cholangiocarcinoma) and is currently packing up her NY apartment to move into a hospice where she is getting ready to die. I read about her in the New York magazine and then painted her likeness.

Read The Survivor Monologues here.


Tree said...

I really like this, it shows her strength and integrity.

How long does the process take for you?

Sunil said...

Thanks for the words.

It used to take a month - nowadys it takes about two weeks to complete one of these (of course it depends ont he complexity fo the work also). Soul sucking job/commute demands that I work during the weekends on soul enrichers like these... ;-)

Tree said...

hey...I thought I was the only one with a soul sucking job!! What gives?? ;-)

bioephemera said...

Whoa, what a sad story. But inspiring.

With paintings taking you two weeks, you probably don't need more to do, but. . . I tagged you with a meme!

Sunil said...

Jessica aka bioephemera,
Glad you liked the painting (or the sentiment expressed thereof).
Meme - ammm... I will write up something one of these days... Thanks for tagging. I am flattered.