Sunday, May 06, 2007

Painting Post: Pilgrim

I completed this over the weekend...

Title: 'Pilgrim'

Size: 3 feet wide X 4 feet high

Medium: Oil on canvas

This was inspired and based on a photograph of an Indian boy in Haridwar, India by the famed photographer Steve McCurry... (famous for this photo)


Hungry Hyaena said...

That one looks strong, Sunil. Congratulations.

bioephemera said...

I need to get over here more often. I really like the anxiety-inducing palette you've used in the last two pieces, and the way you've rendered the boy's garments indistinguishable from his skin. Very unsettling pieces, but not obvious about it.

Sunil said...

Thanks, Chris - this was one of the more expressive ones that I managed to capture.

Thanks for stopping by. I personally like paintings that have a bit of a story - just an old fashioned habit that is hard to break... and not very appreciated in today's world. I am glad you liked this one.