Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dr. Kinga Araya - Performance artist:

Oftentimes art tries to send a message through shocking people visually. Performance art is one that is august in this category. Dr. Kinga Araya - a Polish born artist currently doing a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia opened her new exhibition titled Paroxysms, at Art-Image in La Maison de la culture de Gatineau as part of the National Arts Centre's wide-ranging Quebec Scene festival.
The photographs are a little painful to watch (and to make I suppose)..

She seems to have photographed herself in strange positions in her apartment, hanging from a door, worming her way inside a kitchen cabinet and other like impressions..
The images are powerful and at the same time open to interpretations of abuse, discomfort in domestic roles or even the feeling of being left alone in a foreign country. You could view more of them and a collection of her other photographs here...

I have lifted one of the images from her website (the images actually come in diptychs with her and without her...)

I think her photographs are very interesting and she has quite an expansive repertoire...

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