Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pathological laughter or crying (PLC)

I am always fascinated by behaviours that seem to be outwardly strange and dubbed by people as 'off their rockers', but have an explanation that involve a very logical interplay between various neurological substrates. PLC (Pathological laughter or crying) is one of them. I ran into this just as I was about to dump one more of the endless journals that my wife gets (this one was proceedings of the Mayo Institute) and that is when I happened to eye an article on uncontrolled laughter/crying... I decided to read on and did some more poking around on the web and I wanted to point out to this eminently readable paper at this location. Seems to be a very good logical explanation for this seemingly crazy behaviour... Please read if you get a chance. I will post more on this after I read up a bit more...

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