Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The mystery that is Morgellons disease: is it really a neuropsychiatric disorder disguised by dermatologic symptoms?

With the recent news reports on Morgellons disease, I got to thinking about this poorly understood disease. There is really nothing known about Morgellons, but I am surprised that most of the research into this disease is conducted from a dermatological standpoint. Sure, this is a skin related disorder with most, if not all, symptoms being dermatologic. However, many doctors believe that this is actually a neuropsychiatric disorder in origin.

The following is a great article on this topic.
So what are your thoughts?


Prichard said...

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Sunil said...

Thank you, Prichard.
I will definitely take a look and get back to you. Thank you for visiting.

Ole de Cronche said...

I have been compiling information regarding Morgellons Disease to help people find out the facts and theories about this mysterious illness so they can seek the appropriate medical attention the suits their symptoms, whether they truely have Morgellons or some other disnease/infestation. I decided to start this site after learning about the disease and the lack of solid information and research.

Sunil said...

Thank you for visiting. Wow, your blog is pretty specialized. Best wishes on finding relevant information and starting up a good discussion. I will come back to see how you are doing.

Mista said...

Check out these pictures to see more on the disease: