Friday, June 08, 2007

My posts on Art and Perception

I have been meaning for some time to list my posts on Art and Perception and I finally got around to doing this..
- Discussion around two of my paintings 'Tangata Whenua' and 'Sandhya Ragam' here.
- A discussion on plagiarism with a focus on Joy Garnett's work here.
- A discussion on getting children into art early on in life and one of my experiments here.
- A post on the EU completing 50 years and the art festival that went with the celebrations.
- Discussion on my paintings 'Pilgrim' and 'Coolie' here.
- A review of Jordan Eagles at Merge Gallery and his 'blood' art here.
- An enlightening bit about Vanity galleries and my travails with the same.
- My thoughts of William Powhida’s work at Schroeder Romero in Chelsea.
- Some musings on photography here.


Tree said...

wow. I guess I have some reading to do :-)

Hope all is well with you!

Sunil said...

I could see by some of the responses on Art and Perception that you have been doing quite some reading - and the questions that you have out up there have provoked more responses - nothing like a good ol' discussion. Things have been going well - just a bit of sleepless nights - but it is all fun.